A Complete Guide To Buying Her Flowers Revisited (Again)

Oct 06, 2015


A few more comments on the post "A Complete Guide To Buying Her Flowers", from someone who has been around flowers for decades.


A few more comments on the post A Complete Guide To Buying Her Flowers...


Unless she really, really wants roses on Valentine’s Day, don’t buy them.

This is a hard one. The author makes some great points, like "this particular holiday is the worst time to buy flowers—especially roses" and Valentine's Day can be a good time to consider alternatives.

The problem with this logic is summed up in the next sentence: "Demand is super high". Exactly – demand is so high because a lot of people want flowers for their birthday.

But, in the end, you give flowers to make the recipient feel good – not broaden their appreciation for flowers. If the person has always dreamed of getting red roses delivered to their desk at Valentine's Day.... then red roses delivered to their desk on Valentine's Day is probably what will make them happiest. It doesn't really matter what industry insiders think might be a better choice.

Since the article was posted on the offshoot of a sports site, and targeted guys, think about it this way. For your birthday what you want more than anything is a steak, or wings, or barbecue. But your well-intentioned partner takes you out for salad because she read that it is better for you. She'd be right, but would that be the birthday of your dreams?



Ugh, fine, I guess I have to talk about roses. Roses are fine. They’re fine. They’re just so ... fine. Whatever.

A lot of people in the flower business feel that way, but you probably aren't buying for someone in the flower business.

People want what they want, and if you're buying for someone that loves and wants roses, roses are probably the safe bet.

We live in a complicated society and we can't know or understand everything. When it comes to purchasing we often look to brands to help us understand and make decisions. We recognize that certain brands are about value, some are about style, and some are premium.

For a lot of people roses are the premium brand in the flower world. They may not know much about flowers, but they know roses are "good". These people will like getting roses. That is OK.



Should I have them delivered to her workplace?

There is another consideration here that is almost always overlooked, not just by the author but by everyone.

If you are going to send flowers to her workplace, do it early in the week so she can enjoy them all week long. As the author states it may be very difficult to transport the flowers home, and they tend not to do well left in an office, unwatered, for a weekend. Just send them on Monday or Tuesday and all these problems go away.

A couple of other things to consider when sending to a workplace...

  • Co-workers will almost certainly read the accompanying card, unless you specifically ask the florist for a card that is sealed in an envelope. If you are just going with the more standard open card don't get too personal, whatever you say will get around the workplace.
  • You can usually send one of three kinds of arrangements – in a vase, in a gift box, or a "hand-tied" bouquet. Vases are great for the workplace – the recipient just needs to add water. Flowers that arrive in gift box will need to go into a vase right away. Many offices will have vases floating around, or a co-worker that can loan one, but it's a consideration. Hand-tieds – very trendy and very beautiful – will also require a vase.



All these comments aside – it is a great article that hits a great point: flowers are an absolutely amazing gift, probably one of the very nicest things you can give anyone. A lot of guys are scared of flowers, and articles like this are a great way to get them over that. Giving flowers is fun, incredibly cool, and it makes people really happy. Try it!

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