Outstanding Florist And Floral Event Studio in York PA

Feb 05, 2016


The best thing about working in the flower business is the great people you get to meet. You also get to see some really amazing flower shops.


One of the very nicest couples in the flower business consists of Vince and Carolyn Butera of Butera the Florist in York Pennsylvania.




They also have a truly beautiful store, which they recently moved to Downtown York PA.




In addition to being a full service florist that delivers throughout the York area, Butera also specializes in wedding and event work. And, as a wedding florist, they probably have the nicest consultation room anywhere – what better place for a bride to discuss her wedding flowers?




The work this flower shop does is sensational. Vince Butera isn't just a great person, he's one of the most talented florists in the profession. Anyone looking for flowers in the York PA area is lucky to have such a great shop available to them. Below is a photograph of the design area.




Here are some other beautiful pictures on this flower shop:





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