Grinch Tree 2.0 - Kaber Floral Company in La Porte Indiana

Dec 06, 2014


Jenifer Swanson of the Kaber Floral Company, a florist in La Porte Indiana, has improved on the Grinch Tree she made last year.


For Christmas of 2013 Jenifer made an amazing real life version of the Grinch tree so heavily laden that it was collapsing under its own weight. This year version 2.0 is even better:




This tree is just more example of the creativity that comes out of the Kaber Floral Company in La Porte. Another recent example is the ice castle they recently made out of recycled materials.

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Grinch Tree from Kaber Floral Company in LaPorte IN

An amazing design from Jenifer Swanson at Kaber Floral Company in LaPorte Indiana.

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