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Mother's Day 2014 - Order Flowers Now!

May 05, 2014


This Sunday (May 12) is Mother’s Day. If you need a gift for your mom flowers are the perfect choice.


Some people argue that they aren’t “practical”. That’s kind of the point – they are a beautiful indulgence that mean so much more when received as a gift. Your mom will love them.

As we get close to Mother's Day you are going to be exposed to a ton of marketing from national brands. It is tempting but avoid them – they will either be drop-shippers (send the flowers via UPS or Fedex in a shipping container and your mom will actually have to arrange them herself) or order-gatherers that take your money and then try and convince a local florist to fill the order for much smaller cut. Cut out the middle man and go right to the people that can do it best - a local brick and mortar flower shop.

But even this is tricky because order-gatherers will masquerade as local shops - they will actually put ads in phone books all over the country, going so far as to use the names of popular local shops.

So what can you do? Next time you pass a flower shop go inside. Take a look around and decide if you like their work. If you do take a card, maybe even a fridge magnet if they have one. Add their phone number to your book. Don’t think you can just look them in the phonebook when you need them - as crazy as it sounds your local phone book is likely to include imposters.

If you are going to order flowers for Mother's Day here are a few other things to keep in mind:


  • Order your Mother's Day flowers in advance. Well in advance. Ideally you should contact your florist the first week of May or, even better, the last week of April. The florist will be less busy. There will be a better selection. There might even be some savings for you.


  • Consider delivery (or pickup) on dates other than Sunday May 11th. Could you send the flowers a day or two early, and explain that the best mom in the world shouldn’t have to wait?


  • Consider different types of flowers. This is yet another advantage of ordering your Mother's Day flowers well in advance – your florist will have more time to work with you and help you select something perfect for your mom.

One more really important tip: If you only ever send flowers to your mom on Mother’s Day try sending on some other, completely random, day when she won’t expect it.
If your mom is happy to get flowers on Mother's Day just wait and see how happy she will be to get flowers for no reason at all!

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