Thanks to Ryan Freeman of Florist 2.0

Apr 11, 2014


It's always a pleasure to spend time with Ryan Freeman of Florist 2.0 and I wish we could do it more often.


When I am lucky enough to spend some time with Ryan I always learn a few things. As a fourth generation florist (his Family has owned Martin's the Flower People in Toronto for over 100 years) he was born into the flower business, and he's been involved in the technical side (websites and pos) of the industry for as long as the flower industry has had a technical side.

Ryan's one of the leading authorities on SEO for flower shop websites, frequently invited to speak at the leading floral industry conventions and conferences, and the e-commerce sites he provides through the Florist 2.0 platform take full advantage of that knowledge. We have many shared clients and I see just how well those websites perform.

And, of course, he is also the creator of the Florist 2.0 Online Community (formerly FlowerChat) which has been the largest and most popular online destination for florists since it was first launched more than ten years ago. There are more places than ever for florists to congregate online but I believe the forum format is still the best for the meaningful exchange of information and FlowerChat has always been my personal favorite.

It was great to hear what he thought of some recent developments in the industry as well as learn more about his plans for the future. We spent quite a bit of time talking about how we can better serve our shared clients (florists that use the Florist 2.0 website and FloristWare POS system for florists) through even tighter integration.

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