Tracking Marketing Performance With Discount Codes

Dec 30, 2015


Perfect example of how discount codes can help a florist or small business owner track the effectiveness of an advertising or marketing effort.


If almost three decades in the flower business have taught anything it's that successful florists, the really successful ones, market very aggressively and track those efforts very carefully. This is why monitoring this kind of advertising/marketing performance is such an important part of the FloristWare POS system for retail florists.

Reporting is helpful, and FloristWare is great at it, but good reports require good data. In order to track the effectiveness of a marketing campaign the essential data ties each sale to a particular marketing effort.

One approach is to use dedicated phone lines, and FloristWare supports that. A florist can also ask a customer, and that is also a big part of FloristWare.

But there is a special kind of elegance and efficiency to an approach that incentivizes the customer to provide the vital tracking information without being asked, and few things are more effective than a special discount code.

Here is an example. The code "TTC" is unique to this marketing effort – posters on transit vehicles in the TTC system. Other posters, in other channels, would use a different discount code.

The promise of a 10% discount doesn't just help sell the tickets, it also motivates the consumer to provide the most accurate possible tracking information. It is a great approach.



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