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Sep 22, 2014


Additional information on using a monitoring service to track the availability and performance of your florist website is now available on the FloristWare website.


The August issue of Floral Management included an article I wrote on how you can use a website monitoring service to make sure that your ecommerce florist website is online, available and performing well 24 hours a day.

It's an important topic that was brought to the forefront after some florists had crippling issues with their floral websites over the important Mother's Day's holiday. Ryan Freeman was one of the first to realize what was going on and had a great post on the problem.


The problem with a twerking site (going up and down rapidly or intermittently) is that you might not know it’s offline. It can be ok one minute, or for one user, and then down next minute for another customer.

Ryan Freeman - Your Website Shouldn’t Twerk


Since the article appeared in Floral Management I have heard from quite a few florists. They had follow-up questions about their flower shop websites so I've expanded the original text to include more detail and started posting it on the FloristWare website. It's been broken down into five sections and we'll be posting one section each day this week.


Website Monitoring 1: Overview

Why florists need a website monitoring service for your ecommerce flower shop.


Website Monitoring 2: Availability

The first thing your website monitoring service should check for? Making sure your flower shop website is available.


Website Monitoring 3: User Experience

Is your floral website fast enough to keep your visitors satisfied? Or is it frustrating enough to send them looking for alternatives?


Website Monitoring 4: Content & Links

Using a monitoring service to make sure that your floral website vendor is not adding links or products that you don't want.


Website Monitoring 5: Alerts & Providers

How do you choose a monitoring service and how should they notify you when there is a problem with your floral website?


Hopefully this expanded information will be of interest to any florist who wants to keep an eye on their ecommerce flower shop website.

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