Websites For Florists: The Best Never Rest

Oct 10, 2015


True professionals, truly focussed on how their ecommerce websites perform... they were all at the 2016 SAF Annual Convention, learning and evolving.


The field of self-proclaimed experts on SEO and conversion for flower shop websites is very crowded, but attendance at the recent SAF Annual Convention revealed a lot about who the true professionals are.

The event included a session called "All About AdWords and Analytics", presented by Google executive Ben Polk. Using Karin’s Florist in Virginia as a case study, Polk explained how florists can best use Google to create a big impact online, quickly. and without spending a great deal of money. It was an outstanding session with great information for retail florists that want to perform better online. SAF really came through for their members again with this one – securing such an excellent speaker for their conference.




It was also interesting to see who was in the audience. In addition to the retail florists that want their floral websites to perform better, there were also several providers of ecommerce websites for florists. They included Brock Atwill of Flower Shop Network, Ryan Freeman of Strider Search Marketing, and Brandon Kirkland of Epic Flowers.

Too many floral website providers just keep insisting on their expertise and quoting the same outdated (and often dangerous) SEO advice. The best of the best however continue to learn, evolve and refine. Not every florist can get away from their shop to attend the SAF annual convention, but some shops are lucky enough to have website vendors that will effectively go on their behalf, in an effort to provide the best possible ecommerce websites for florists

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