Yelp For Florists in January 2014 Floral Management

Jan 10, 2014


Back at the end of November I mentioned an article I had been working on for Floral Management - about Yelp and how retail florists can use it to help increase their sales.

I don't make any claims about the quality of the writing (Renato Sogueco and Kate Penn of SAF get any credit if it turned out OK) but the topic is an important one and I hope florists will take a look at the article and also at Yelp. It is a medium that naturally favours small local businesses over order-gatherers and drop shippers, it can deliver a real boost to a retail florist, and yet... most small businesses (florists included) ignore it.

You can find the article on page 40 ("Plugged In") of the January 2014 issue of Floral Management. It is also available on the SAF website but you may need to be a member.

Yelp For Florists - January 2014 Floral Management

Category: Floral Industry

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