Floral Industry

Making a living in the floral industry means giving back to that industry.

Brock Atwill, the President of Flower Shop Network frequently says he learned from his grandfather, a farmer, that farming involved being a good steward of the land, something he applies to the flower industry.

Mark feels the same way and is deeply committed to supporting the floral industry. FloristWare is a member of many industry associations including:


    • Michigan Floral Association (MFA)
    • Florists For Change (FFC)
    • Florida State Florists Association (FSFA)
    • American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)
    • Society of American Florists (SAF)


FloristWare also supports and sponsors educational content at many industry shows, conventions and events. This content generally focusses on the less popular business side of the industry (as opposed to design) and is focussed on helping florists be more profitable and successful.

With SAF Mark served as a member of the Technology Committee, the first independent technology provider to participate in that committee. He has also contributed several articles to their Floral Management magazine and will co-present one session at the 2014 Annual Convention and moderate another.

Through Beyond Cost plus Mark also works to provide important information on pricing and how retail florists can benefit from new approaches. This is done through the Beyond Cost Plus website, sessions at various industry events, webinars, and contributions to other websites and discussion groups.