SugarCRM (On-Premise)


SugarCRM is great but not without challenges, especially the on-premise edition. An attempt to share hard earned lessons that may help SugarCRM admins.


Over the course of seven years we used four different CRM solutions. Finally we settled on a fifth, SugarCRM, that, three years in, still seems to be the best solution.

But – it has often been trying. SugarCRM is easy to customize, but easy to break as well. Especially if you are using an on-premise SugarCRM deployment.

I've found some good resources and learned some things (including a great trick – using a free CloudFlare account to almost double the performance of SugarCRM) along the way. As much of it as possible ends up here, in the hopes it might help other on-premise users.

Expert Freelance Consulting For SugarCRM

SugarCRM is great but it's even better with an expert freelancer that can help you avoid/get out of trouble in your corner. Plus you will sleep better.

Optimize SugarCRM On-Premise With CloudFlare CDN

The CloudFlare content delivery network (CDN) is an inexpensive but powerful way to optimize the performance of a SugarCRM on-premise deployment.

SugarOutfitters: Curated Add-Ons & Unrivaled Support For SugarCRM

SugarOutfitters provides curated add-ons & unrivaled support for SugarCRM. They are an outstanding resource in an often bewildering environment.