Mac OS X Security


Too often users of Mac OS X ignore security, or worse, fail victim to malware and worse. These posts look at how Mac users can avoid and get out of trouble.


Too many Mac users believe that because they have not experienced a problem with security or malware they are exempt from such problems. Unfortunately that is not the case.

These posts look at how any Mac user can "harden" their machines and be safer in their computing and browsing practices. There are also step-by-step directions for getting out of specific malware attacks. encrypting Mac files, hiding files and more.

How To Migrate Google Authenticator To A New iPhone

Instructions on how to move Google Authenticator to a new iPhone so you don't lose access to accounts with two-factor authentication enabled.

Why Have Security Questions After Password Authentication?

Asking security questions after password authentication is not just pointless, it actually makes things less secure.

How To Securely Hide (and Encrypt) Files On Mac OS X

How to hide/secure files on your Mac: An easy approach to protecting your data by securing, hiding, and encrypting selected files and folders in Mac OS X.

Security Through Obscurity On Mac OS X – Better Solutions

A look at how security through obscurity (hiding files) is doomed to fail in Mac OS X, plus a look at some easy ways to truly secure files on your Mac.

Showing Hidden Files vs Hiding Regular Files in Mac OS X

They might seem like flip sides of the same coin but the techniques used to show hidden files on a Mac are not the best solution for securely hiding files.

What Does Incognito/Private Mode Really Mean?

The incognito or private mode in your web browser can offer you some additional privacy but not as much as you may think, and you still need to be careful.

"Your Apple Device has been locked..." Another Scam

Does "" say "Your Apple Device has been locked, due to security reasons"? Don't panic, it's not – just don't call the number!

Short Guide to (Finding, Sharing, etc.) SSH Keys on Mac OS X

A short guide to SSH keys and Mac OS X: How to create, find, share and add SSH Keys (and deal with related SSH errors and warnings) on Mac OS X.

Open Safari Without Opening Windows From The Last Session

How to open Safari without automatically re-opening windows/tabs from the last session. This can save you if you ever run into ransomware.

Multi-Factor Authentication With Google Authenticator

Using Google Authenticator to increase digital security through the use of multi-factor authentication.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Understanding the concept of multi-factor authentication really isn't that hard, but it is an important step towards better digital security.

Marriot WiFi Jamming: Not Quite As Bad As It Sounds

Anybody who resents the high prices hotels charge for wifi might roll their eyes at the 'explanation' from Marriot but they were protecting their guests. The real question is at what cost?

Downloading "Free" Movies Is Getting Very Expensive

Believing that rampant internet piracy cost as much as $250 million in box office revenue producer Avi Lerner is going after those that downloaded The Expendables 3 illegally.

Digital Security: Password Strategy

We increasingly rely on passwords even as that security model becomes more vulnerable to sophisticated attacks and social engineering and human error remain serious threats.

Digital Security: Backup & Recovery

We increasingly rely on our digital devices but that data is fragile. It can be lost instantly if the machine is stolen or damaged (fire, water, etc.) suffers mechanical failure or is infected by viruses or malware.

Digital Security: Web Content Filtering

Unrestricted access to the web on your network devices introduces a number of problems including inappropriate/offensive/illegal content, malware and more.

Digital Security: Find & Recover a Lost or Stolen Device

Most of us rely on mobile devices but they – and the data they contain – are easily lost or stolen.

Digital Security: Connecting Securely From Public WiFi

Accessing important information from public WiFi (the kind seen in coffee shops, airports, even in this hotel) is almost essential but potentially very dangerous.

A Good Time To Think About Digital Security

The recent celebrity phone hacking scandal is a reminder that digital security is a vital component of our increasingly digital lives.

Protecting Your Business With a BYOD Policy

Employees will expect to use personal electronic devices in the workplace and employers need to be prepared with a BYOD (bring your own device) policy.

Wi-Fi Access For Brides & Other Guests

It is now almost essential for florists to extend wi-fi access to their clients during design consultations but it much be done safely and in a way that protects the client, network and data.