2015 Resolution: Stop Talking About How Busy You Are

Jan 01, 2015


The best possible New Year's resolution for anybody who complains about being busy? Stop complaining about being busy. Here are four good reasons to stop right now.


Everybody is Busy…

A lot of people are convinced they are busiest person on the planet, but pretty much every other person thinks they deserve that title…


… And Nobody Cares

Think whatever you want, but if you feel the need to tell the world we’re going to have a problem. Nobody is interested in hearing about how busy you are.

The person who really is working themselves to death doesn’t care how busy you are. Even if you really are the busiest person in your circle people will just resent you for making them feel small for complaining about how busy they are.

And the person that really doesn’t have much going on? Oh, they just love hearing you complain about your busy life.


You’re Not As Busy As You Think…

Binge watching on Netflix doesn’t count as being busy, it counts as goofing off and watching Netflix. Playing Candy Crush while doing it doesn’t count as multi-tasking, it counts as having a shitty attention span. Getting your nails done doesn’t count as being busy because it’s something you choose to do.

I’m so busy what with this napping all the time!

Pretty much anything that you do because you want to, because it feels good, or because it’s fun doesn’t count as being busy, so stop complaining about it.

And if you look up from your iPad and exclaim “where did the time go?! There just aren’t enough hours in the day…” it doesn’t mean you are busy. It just means that your priorities and time management suck.


It’s Rude and it’s Boring

People say you should never talk about money. They also say time is money. Let’s apply the same rules and not talk about either.



What is it exactly that has people so obsessed with sharing how busy they are? Is it the fact that entertainment, recreation and legitimate work are now available 24 hours a day, and so often delivered on the same devices that blurs the line? Is it a culture of over–sharing and competition?

It doesn’t matter. As a society lets just resolve to stop complaining about being busy.

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