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How To Recover Bitcoins From The Hive Bitcoin Wallet

May 27, 2016


If closed down before you could move your bitcoins don't worry – there is an easy way to recover bitcoins from your Hive wallet.


Please Note: This article details the process for recovering Bitcoin (BTC) from the now-defunct If you need to recover Litecoin (LTC) instead see these step-by-step instructions for moving LTC from your account.


When I first started experimenting with bitcoin a couple of years ago the Hive wallet felt like a safe harbor. It had a clean, simple and beautiful interface that made what it did easy to understand. For a newcomer this was a huge relief – Hive seemed like a safe and easy way to store Bitcoin.


Need Help Recovering Your Bitcoin From Hive? We Can Help!
The instructions contained here can be little daunting but don't worry – we may be able recover your bitcoin for you. Just email [email protected] or visit


In September 2015 the creator of Hive announced that the wallet hadn't had much development in over a year and was no longer being actively developed. He encouraged users to move to another compatible wallet provider.


We're out of operating capital and have been for quite a while, so no one has really been working on Hive for over a year.

Hive Wallet Founder, Wendell Davis


Some users had trouble logging in, others were still able to. In April of 2016 the site officially closed.




Because of "consequences of a pro-privacy position” not all users could be notified, and they did not (or will not) know about the closure until the next time they try and log in to their Hive bitcoin wallet.

When they can't there may be some initial panic over the idea of the coins being lost forever. There are some instructions for recovering bitcoins stored in Hive on github but these are rather daunting, especially for users that were drawn to Hive because it made wallets seem so simple.

The good news is that the people from Hive made the complete source code available on github, and other people are running with it.

The next steps are a little tricky, and if not executed perfectly your bitcoins will be lost forever. If however you do it correctly your bitcoin will be right there waiting for you. For more information please contact [email protected].


Update 2016/07/20: How To Recover Litecoin From Hive

Did you also have Litecoin in your Hive wallet? Click here for newly added direction on how to recover Litecoin from your Hive wallet.

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