Old Storefront Unearthed During Renovations At 2025 Yonge

Oct 14, 2016

Old Pizza Inn storefront unearthed during renovations at 2025 Yonge Street (at Davisville) in mid-town Toronto.


Sometimes renovations to retail space reveals old signs and storefronts that give a glimpse into another era. Work at 2025 Yonge Street, just North of Davisville Avenue (and a little farther South of Eglinton) in Midtown Toronto exposed this old Pizza Inn.




It's been at least (the very least) twenty years since that restaurant closed. Over the past two decades that space on Yonge Street has been occupied by first a furniture store and then a Greeting Card Shop.




There is a chain of Pizza in Restaurants stretching along the Southern US, from New Mexico to the Atlantic, but it seems unlikely this restaurant was part of that group. The artwork is very different.




There are some other Pizza Inn restaurants in Canada, notably Brampton ON and Surrey BC but, again they don't seem to be related.




This seems to go back a lot further – even before Mother's Pizza and Frank Vetere's were a big deal in the GTA.


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