Expert Freelance Consulting For SugarCRM

Jul 26, 2016

SugarCRM is great but it's even better with an expert freelancer that can help you avoid/get out of trouble in your corner. Plus you will sleep better.

Our first two years with SugarCRM on-premise have been mostly great. It’s very powerful, flexible and customizable.
SugarCRM, especially on-premise, also gives you more than enough rope to hang yourself. Nobody tells you that going in. As the customization and add-ons add up things can go bad and, when they do, there are very few places to turn. We haven’t been able to get it from Sugar, and our reseller tends to look at any support tickets as an opportunity to discuss a massive long term support contract. Knowing that things can very wrong very fast has long tempered our enthusiasm, and there have been a few times we were crippled for days at a time while we tried to figure things out.
Recently we were introduced to Shad Mickelberry, an independent SugarCRM consultant/freelancer. He quickly solved a catastrophic problem that had kept us out of our CRM for days.
His rates are very reasonable and, more importantly, he has been great to work with. Communication, even of complex issues and ideas, is fantastic and there is very little need for back and forth. His time estimates initially seemed aggressively optimistic but so far they have been very accurate.
He does what he says he is going to do in the time he says it will take, and at very reasonable prices. That both surprises and delights and we are very lucky to be working with him.

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