SugarOutfitters: Curated Add-Ons & Unrivaled Support For SugarCRM

Jul 15, 2016


SugarOutfitters provides curated add-ons & unrivaled support for SugarCRM. They are an outstanding resource in an often bewildering environment.


SugarCRM is great but it's also a little overwhelming, especially when it comes to extending functionality or changing themes through add-ons. Fortunately SugarOutfitters is trying to make this a little easier to understand. They offer a new, and better, approach to finding 3rd party modules for SugarCRM in an attempt to simplify the user experience of customizing/extending SugarCRM.

A curated library of SugarCRM themes and add-ons, searchable by Sugar version and category, is valuable to anyone looking to extend their SugarCRM installation. They put every single add-on through a 33-point inspection before accepting them and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The library includes screenshots, videos, excellent documentation, compatibility information, pricing details and also user reviews. Many of the add-ons have a free trial period to let you test them out. The Labs section of the site, which features free SugarCRM add-ons in various stages of development and testing, is also very interesting.

They also develop add-ons in response to user demand. We depended heavily on integration between SugarCRM and Zendesk using a Sugar plug-in built by the people at Zendesk. It let support personnel access Zendesk support tickets from inside SugarCRM. Unfortunately Zendesk stopped developing this add-on and it was no longer supported after SugarCRM 7.5.x.

SugarOutfitters reached out to the community and asked what users like best and least about the old Zendesk plugin and, more importantly, sought out information on how they might improve on it.

This led to the development and release of Fanatically Zen, an add-on that will integrate SugarCRM 7.6+ with Zendesk. It works great (likely an improvement on the original plugin) and is very affordable.


We appreciate the challenges and understand how critical software can be to companies. This is why we started SugarOutfitters and operate under the tag line "Curated Add-ons. Unrivaled Support.". We put all add-ons on the site through a rigorous approval process before being allowed to list with us to help mitigate your risk. When things do go wrong, and they will but less often, we want to always have that assurance that you will get the help that you need.

Jason Eggers, Co-founder & CEO, SugarOutfitters


The best thing of all is the support. It is very easy to get into trouble with SugarCRM, and there is precious little to be had in meaningful support from either Sugar or your reseller. The people at SugarOutfitters are changing this, standing behind their products and doing everything possible to help their clients succeed.

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