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Aug 08, 2014


Using a monitoring service to track the availability and performance of your flower shop website.


The August issue of Floral Management magazine came out today. There are (as always) some great articles – in particular one where Mary Westbrook talks to top wedding planners and venue managers and finds out what it takes to earn a spot on their preferred florist list. Tim Huckabee also a has another great article on selling.

I contributed the Plugged In article. It's not nearly as interesting or as glamorous as some of the others but it covers the important topic of website monitoring.

At this point most florists have ecommerce websites and count on them as an important part of their business – available to serve their customers, make a good impression and generate orders all day every day. But how can you be sure? How do you know the site is online and working and performing well for your customers?

The answer is a monitoring service. A website monitoring service checks your website continuously (as often as every minute) checking for any number of potential problems. Should it spot anything it will alert you by email, ems text message or through a dedicated app.

The Tech Talk article gets into this in much more detail.

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