First Beyond Cost Plus Sessions of 2015 Booked

Jun 27, 2014


New content on how retails florists can use advanced pricing strategies to increase the volume and profitability of their event business is coming to the GLFE and WUMFA Annual Conventions in 2015.


In 2014 I gave a few presentations on how the more advanced pricing techniques used in entertainment, travel, foodservice and other forms of retail could help florists sell more, and be more profitable, than the cost-plus model that is the current standard in the industry. Called "Beyond Cost Plus" these sessions focussed primarily on modern pricing concepts and how they could be applied to standard or fixed-price products - the things like rose dozens that florists sell every day. The presentations were popular - standing room only in both cases - and the comments and feedback was very positive. Florists seemed to appreciate the material.

Earlier this week we booked the first sessions for 2015. They will take place in March at the annual conventions of the Michigan Florists Association (the Great Lakes Floral Expo) and WUMFA (the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Florists Association). More details can be found on the Beyond Cost Plus events page.

These sessions concentrate on a different (but very important) part of the floral business – pricing and quoting events (weddings, parties, etc.). This is something florists do all the time, usually with the standard cost-plus pricing model, that can really benefit from the advanced pricing strategies used in other industries. What are the goals? More events booked, greater profits realized, and an enhanced brand image.

Both events are sponsored by FloristWare – a complete software system for professional florists who are serious about their success.

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