Mother's Day (Observed)

Apr 16, 2015


If you work in retail floral it's impossible to properly celebrate Mother's Day on the actual date, hence the introduction of Mother's Day (Observed).


Growers and Wholesalers have it tough too, but they tend to peak well in advance of Mother's Day. Most of the product is out of the farms, through the wholesalers, and into the stores early in the week. Aside from a few last minute orders things are relatively calm.

But if you work in retail it is a very different story. You're probably working twelve hour days the entire week leading into Mother's Day, and you will probably be at the store starting no later than 7 AM (usually earlier, 5 AM is common) on Saturday and Sunday.

So, if you are a spouse responsible for planning some kind of Mother's Day celebration... it's pretty much impossible to do it justice. And if you are a mom in the flower business? You probably don't really have the energy to celebrate anyway. If both parents are in the business? Forget it – it is difficult if not impossible to adequately celebrate Mother's Day.

This is why many of us in the flower business celebrate Mother's Day (Observed). It is exactly like regular Mother's Day, except you pick a date when you can celebrate it properly.

Generally speaking it is best to plan it well in advance of the standard Mother's Day. Even if you aren't going to celebrate it in advance of the real date you at least need to make your intentions known in advance. Otherwise, despite any good intentions, it's going to look like you just let things get away on you and are struggling to make up for it.

There are advantages to celebrating in advance of the actual day. It does take more organization, and there is always the risk that Mother's Day prep and anxiety is going to start creeping in and stressing everybody out, potentially diminishing the event. On the other hand, it's nice to relax and celebrate knowing that soon you will be heading into battle with little chance for rest or relaxation.

I prefer celebrating it after the official date. The pressure is off, and you're able to really plan and enjoy something special. Even if it's just relaxing, you are more likely to be in the moment. Plus you get to celebrate having survived another Mother's Day.

But you have to be careful not to wait too long. If you do it seems almost pointless – what is it we're celebrating again? One week later seems best, two if needed.

We have personally gone longer in my family but only when there was a specific reason. One year it was because my wife really wanted to see a particular baseball team, and they didn't come through until early June. Also – if you wait too long you can be right in the middle of wedding season which can also complicate Mother's Day plans.

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